How To Help Your Senior Relative Prevent Falls

Falls are the common culprits that lead to injuries in seniors every year. One should not take falls lightly as seniors are fragile and don’t have a balance as good as an adult. One simple fall can lead to bruises, cuts, scrapes, and severe injuries like fractures, head, and brain injury. Experiencing a fall can also make your aging relative to fear certain activities that caused the accident.

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You can hire the services of a reliable home healthcare agencies Houston tx to make sure your elderly relative is safe from such an incident. Their facilities are designed specifically for seniors, making sure their environment is safe. You can also hire a caregiver to assist your senior relative in their own home, as other seniors prefer to age in their homes.

Creating a safe place for a senior doesn’t always require a complete house renovation. Making a few basic changes at home and exercising some fall prevention strategies can help, such as the following.

Remove Clutter

The basic method of preventing falls is cleaning up unnecessary clutter in your senior’s home. Make sure to clean up clutter, especially on staircases and hallways. Eradicate any obscured path. It would be best to remove anything that can cause slips such as slippery mats, loose carpets, and wet floor.

Fix Tripping Hazards

Repair floorboards that stick up, broken staircases, and anything that can cause trips and falls around the house. Even the smallest item can cause a senior to lose their balance, so make sure to care about these things for them.

Keep Their Place Well-Lit

Take note of all places they can walk around at night, and place nightlights. Installing illuminated switches near your senior relative’s bed also helps them find the light switch easily. Ensure that all hallways and staircases are always well-lit. Outdoors, consider motion detector lights.

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Encourage Them To Wear Comfy Shoes Instead Of Socks

Many seniors like wearing socks simply because they provide warmth and comfort. However, these can cause slips to happen, leading to injuries. Encourage to wear shoes and avoid high-heeled ones. If they are to wear socks inside the house, give them non-slip socks to prevent them from falling.

Install Safety Devices

Seniors can quickly lose balance and grip, which often leads to severe injuries. It would be best to install safety devices such as hand bars and handrails in the bathroom, stairs, and the hallways to give them something to hold on to.

Remind Them Not To Climb On Stepladders And Furniture

Seniors want to feel independent, prompting them to do things themselves even if it’s risky. This includes climbing a step ladder to reach something high up or even stepping on furniture to get something they need. Remind them not to do this and to ask someone else to do such a task for them.

Encourage Them To Stay Active

Being physically active helps the body get stronger, thus improving the chance of seniors catching themselves before falling. Encourage them to keep moving and do exercises they can safely do to improve balance, strength, coordination, and flexibility.

When it comes to your senior’s well-being, you can count on home healthcare agencies houston tx to always deliver. Visit us for any inquiries, and we’ll help provide the best senior care for your aging relative.

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